A dancer reaches for the sky as other dancers around her prepare to jump into the air

Shared Movement, Shared Moment: A Year of The Grid Experience

Take a look at a few of the highlights from a year of The Grid Experience. Over the past year we held four very special, and very unique events. The Grid went indoors and to spaces we never thought possible.

Above: From The Grid Experience in Weston Shore, April 2021. People said they had never seen anything like this before in Weston Shore and it was such a great moment to bring the community together after the winter lockdown

Above: Shared movement in The Grid Experience felt so crucial to bring people together and make them feel like a collective again

Above: The Gridders go freestyle and explore their own movement in Guildhall Square, August 2020

Above: For the Mayflower Theatre Grid Experience, each Gridder used a special light orb

Above: Individual moments from The Mayflower Theatre, Poole and Weston Shore

Dancers performing outside in a socially distanced grid

Above: Zoie leads the Gridders during a warm up session at Baiter Park in Poole, June 2021

Above: Down at Weston Shore in April 2021, thankfully the weather turned out for us!

Above: The Mayflower Theatre was our first Grid Experience indoors, and we were so proud to give people a unique moment on one of the biggest theatre stages around.

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