We create exceptional opportunities

and sustainable access to dance with a focus on males, which challenge the culture of dance in the public eye. Achieved through professional works for theatre and unconventional spaces, nationally acclaimed youth company FuzzyLogic and leading to the development of a highly effective outreach program that aims to build sustainable male dance.

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Under pinning

the company’s work is the drive to engage new audiences to dance which has lead to the company being able to offer partners a multi layered approach to working with us developing audiences effectively from the grass roots up.

Sleuth: Our new work for 2018


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RIDE was co-commissioned by DanceXchange and Bristol Harbour Festival

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We offer a strong educational package

which aims to build sustainable partnerships that lead to visual results and benefit all involved. Our workshops and projects are suitable for young people of all ages.

Founded back in

2011 by Artistic Director Zoie Golding, the original company she created FuzzyLogic Male Youth Dance stretches back to 2001. Currently, the company is Associate Artist of The Point, Dance Up and Discovery Artist of Pavilion Dance South West.