Our new commitment: We Are Holyrood 2023-2026

Together we will bring to life stories of past and present, and imagine the future through dance performance, film and social gatherings. Regular co-creative workshops will provide opportunities to be physical, be creative and develop life skills for positive community interactions for residents of all ages.

For the next 3 years we are committed to…

Building and sustaining monthly dance and movement workshops to increase residents opportunities to be physical, be creative and develop physical, making and life skills. These are for young people aged 6 – 10 years, young people age 11 – 16 years and adults 18+

Facilitating monthly Community Champion meetings open to all ages, to steer and shape the project, keep connected to the community and create opportunities for the residents to come together.

Activating more opportunities for the community to come together creatively and socially to share their lived experiences. 

Annually co create with residents dance performance projects and dance films to be presented in the area and beyond, locally and nationally.

Annually present ‘The Hub’ a youth and community curated week long activation of dance and social activity to present work made by residents, hold open discussions, work with other creative partners to shine a light on Holyrood. 

Opportunities for residents to develop skills and experience in volunteering and events.

Opportunities for young people to develop skills and experience through project and work placements in ZoieLogic and other organisations.

“Being part of the ZoieLogic team has been the best experience ever. I’m hoping one day when I’m grown up, I could be part of the ZoieLogic team, to teach younger kids to dance like ZoieLogic has done for us.”

We Are Holyrood participant, aged 11

We Are Holyrood is part of our Hometown strategy, and we are committed to working with all residents of the estate in a co-creative and responsive way. We will embed co-creation into our project planning as well as all areas of delivery, and we aim to redefine what participation means by providing multiple access points and creating space for residents to engage at a level they are comfortable with.

“The project makes me proud of Holyrood, it shows the great sense of community spirit that can exist on the estate”

Sam Connis, Community Engagement Manager

The impact of the activities we create together will spread through word-of-mouth and shared experiences beyond the participants, to their families, friends, neighbours and to the estate at large.

We Are Holyrood is an important project for residents and us as we know that dance, cultural experiences, creative expression and human connection positively impacts mental and physical health. This project will ignite the community’s imagination through movement – demonstrating the power of collective passion to make change.

This new phase of We Are Holyrood has been made possible with funding from Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Hampshire, Isle of Wight Community Foundation and our Changemakers (more details coming soon), with support from Southampton City Council Housing Team. ZoieLogic Dance Theatre receives regular funding support from Arts Council England as a National Portfolio Organisation.

Are you a resident of Holyrood?

If you’re interested in any of the activity you’ve seen here, or if you have any questions or ideas for We Are Holyrood, we would love for you to get in touch with Sam Connis. You can email Sam at or you can call, message or WhatsApp Sam using the number 07342 491 439. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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