Opportunity: Impact Champion

Role Overview

The Impact Champion role is to understand, analyse and communicate the impact of our work. The champion will work with our team to review the evaluation framework of each project, to check evaluation mechanisms are fit for purpose, review and analyse the data, draw conclusions and create short impact statements. We are looking for a freelance communications specialist who has a strong grasp of evaluation and evidencing impact for this role.


ZoieLogic Dance Theatre has a comprehensive evaluation framework that supports measurable social impact outcomes for both our long term vision and various projects delivering the vision. We have a self-reflective practice to enable us to review and improve the way we work. As an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation we also collect data about our workforce, governance, audience data, Impact and Insights, environmental impact and project outputs. 

We are experts at setting up the parameters, identifying measurable differences we want to make and collecting data. We also have ambitious plans about how we can share the impact more widely.

We need an Impact Champion to analyse the data, find trends between projects, ask probing questions and work with us creatively to share and disseminate the impact of our work.

We need someone with a creative lasso to grapple with the data and group it into bitesize summaries and produce infographics. Someone to help us to tell the story about what we do from an objective perspective.

Who we are looking for

Do you:

  • Have a passion for evaluation? 
  • Love listening and asking questions?

Are you: 

  • Experienced with measuring and communicating social impact?
  • Creatively minded and open to collaboration with our team?
  • Skilled at using the data to tell powerful stories of impact? 

If so, you could be our new Impact Champion! We are open to creative communications professionals from a range of industries, artforms or backgrounds and look forward to hearing from you. We are particularly keen to hear from applicants from typically underrepresented and marginalised communities within the arts.


£3000 per annum for approx. 15-20 days work per annum

To Apply 

Please send an expression of interest to vicky@zoielogic.co.uk by 12 noon Monday 15 November 2021 – we don’t mind what format you send this in (email, audio, video – the choice is yours!)

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