RIDE Returns! We're embarking on a special Covid-Response tour. 

We've been back in the studio for the first time since February, and we're touring care homes and retirement villages around Hampshire. Here's some of the images from our time back together again!

Above: Nathan Johnston, Alex Evens and Niko van Harlekin perform for residents at Catherine Court in Eastleigh. We’ve been lucky to have the weather on our side for each performance so far!

Above: The guys performing on Stanley, our 1980s Ford Orion

Above: Alex jumps off Stanley while the car spins. Below: Niko and Nathan stand atop Stanley as the car is flipped onto its side.

Back in the studio

For the last week of July, and for the first time in four months, we were back in the studio. The amazing people at 101 Outdoor Arts hosted us, and provided us with a really safe environment for us to come together again.

Above and below: The guys rehearsing on Stanley, our Ford Orion with a backdrop of old caravans.

Below: Alex leaps off the top of the car and Niko climbs on top of the car with an action camera strapped to his head

If you’d like to find out more about our show, RIDE, you can get the info here!

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