Behind Headfunk #2: In the studio with Headfunk Collective

Take a look behind the scenes at our brand new all male performance company for those passionate about dance and wellbeing

Our aim with Headfunk Collective is to bring together like minded male adults of all ages to share, listen, create and perform together telling stories and exploring themes around men’s mental health.

Above: Nigel and JJ explore movement through improvisation

Above: Before entering the studio, the group spent an evening with Matt West of ArtfulScribe, discovering and exploring the themes and stories which they wanted to portray in the performance. Here are some of their responses.

Above: Graham, Neil and Gareth working with the movement they created for themselves

Above: Here’s Zoie working with Graham, they were exploring some material revolving around a duet with their hands as a the focus point

Above: Zoie and Neil discuss the movement they were exploring. You can see Zoie’s collection of choreographic notes on the floor from the session

Headfunk, an event raising awareness of mental health is returning on Friday 19th November 2021 at MAST Mayflower Studios. Tap or click here to find out more about Headfunk – or you can go right ahead and book tickets here.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be publishing more photo blogs highlighting the creative process with groups who will be on stage at Headfunk in November.

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