Behind Headfunk #4: In the studio with We Are Holyrood

We began working with the young people of Holyrood estate in Southampton in 2019, and now they will be on the stage for the first time at Headfunk

Above: Zoie leads a warm-up session with the kids of Holyrood. Most of the young people involved were part of our We Are Holyrood film project which took place in April and May 2021, this will be the first time most of them will have set foot on a stage.

Above: A montage of rehearsal images from our time in God’s House Tower in October 2021. We had Alex, our youth dance co-ordinator, Ollie (from FuzzyLogic) and Eve (volunteer facilitator) with us to help us create the movement for the performance.

Above: The group rehearse their movement together

Above: Zoie sits down with the group to discuss topics for the performance. They spoke about things they struggle with and how they overcome those things. They used this discussion to create the movement for the piece.

Above: Ollie works with Chloe on a moment during the piece where they have to hold, counter-balance and trust each other.

Headfunk, an event raising awareness of mental health is returning on Friday 19th November 2021 at MAST Mayflower Studios. Tap or click here to find out more about Headfunk – or you can go right ahead and book tickets here.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be publishing more photo blogs highlighting the creative process with groups who will be on stage at Headfunk in November.

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