Exploration: Behind the scenes of The Doorman

The members of our FuzzyLogic Youth Dance Company have been hard at work creating their latest show - The Doorman, and here's a few snaps behind the scenes at Solent University

A fish eye perspective of a rehearsal studio. Dancers are rehearsing down on the floor below

From the top
Above: The view of the studio from behind the mysterious door that features in the show. It’s difficult to appreciate from the ground but the set is very high! You can see we’re almost in the lighting rig at the top.

Above: A selection of moments from the improv moment sessions the lads have been exploring each day

Above: Feast your eyes on our behind the scenes clip show of The Doorman

Leading with your hands
Above: One of our newest members, Jonah, explores some movement. Below: Tom has come back to FuzzyLogic especially for The Doorman, and we’re very lucky to have him!

Above left and right: Reuben and Toby glide across the set of The Doorman

Working together, working forwards
Above: A selection of moments from the studio

In transition
Above: Here’s Jonah in motion, captured as still images. Below: The guys assembled up at the door – but they’re never too far away from breaking character and smiling at the camera

You can see The Doorman at Theatre Royal Winchester on Saturday 20th August at 7:30pm.

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