A mural depicting different people working on different arts activities. The mural is painted with inks and water colour on paper. Some of the images are portraits of people and some are of small groups

Celebrating We Are Holyrood: THE HUB 2022

From 19th - 25th June The HUB returned to Southampton’s Holyrood community for the second year in a row!

From 19th – 25th June 2022 The HUB returned to Southampton’s Holyrood community for the second year in a row!

The HUB is part of an ongoing programme of activity called We Are Holyrood. Led by Zoie Golding MBE, it marks ZoieLogic Dance Theatre’s third year of summer activity created with and for the Holyrood community since 2019.

It is a continuation of our long-standing commitment to embedding accessible cultural activities in the heart of Southampton communities.

Read on for the lowdown…

📸 Above: Zoie sits with the young people as they work on a crafty activity

The HUB was a space for the Holyrood community to play, listen, share, discover, take part, and get creative. There were activities for both adults and kids, including workshops in dance, photography with In Focus, music with SoCo Music Project, wellbeing with Saints Foundation, creative writing with Artful Scribe, arts and crafts, plus food and culture discussions with TV Chef and Masterchef winner Shelina Permalloo.

📸 Above: Each day, there were arts and crafts at The Hub. This was usually when The Hub became the centre of busy, noisy and creative activity!

New creative experiences

We worked with 4 local organisations and 6 independent artists to deliver The HUB. The brilliant visual artist Sarah Filmer worked with the community all week to creatively reflect and celebrate people’s experiences of the activities on offer.

Over the course of the week 64 people took part in 14 hours of free creative arts workshops and 16 hours of drop in arts and crafts activities.

  • 76% of participants experienced photography, music or writing for the first time
  • 55% of participants were new to dance

“I’ve never done anything like this before – I learnt a lot”

Participant during the adult dance and movement workshop

📸 Above: Young residents of Holyrood work together in a photographer taster workshop. Below: A selection of images and video clips from the week’s activities. There were writing, musical and dance workshops!

Building relationships

As well as being a place for play and creativity, it was also an opportunity for ZoieLogic and local people to make new connections and get to know each other better!

  • 70% of participants were new to ZoieLogic and 30% had taken part in previous projects. 
  • 46 Young people participated in a variety of free arts workshops across the week
    • 55% of young people took part in 2 or more workshops at The HUB.
    • 30% of young people took part in 4 or more workshops at The HUB.
  • 18 Adults participated in multiple free arts workshops throughout the week
    • 56% of adult participants took part in 2 or more workshops at The HUB.

“I’d like to make a complaint! – That The HUB is coming to an end, I want it to be here all the time!”

Resident from Canute House

📸 Above: A time lapse of The Hub during the daily arts and crafts sessions

Community coming together

The ZoieLogic team were beyond delighted that so many different people chose to get involved – the age range of the participants 5 – 95 years.

As well as all of the creative activities, 198 people joined us to celebrate the creative outcomes of the week at 3 live events and 1 film screening on site.

Holyrood residents discussed, created, shared and ate together throughout the week. And some residents are already making plans for their own dinner event to bring people together. We’re thrilled about this and will be staying connected with the community in the weeks and months to come!

📸 Above: Another selection of images from the week. Colouring in was a particular highlight for the young people. Below: A display of handmade journals made by the young people with Sarah Filmer

A wall is displayed with lots and lots of handmade books hanging down in front of it. They create a pleasing rainbow coloured display and each has different writing and images on the front created by young people

“What I’ve noticed is that often walking round the estate you’ll see or hear kids arguing or fighting, and this week there has been none of that. The HUB being here has really made a difference”

Holyrood resident

A huge thanks goes out to everyone who took part, to the wonderful delivery partners, and especially the independent artists and community volunteers who helped out: Sam Connis, Rudi, Cheyanne Ettienne-Chen and Ping Harvey

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