Bringing dance to the workplace

Lets boost the creativity and wellbeing of your work environment with Dance@Work

What is Dance@Work


Dance@Work is a highly unique offer to businesses and companies seeking to improve staff wellbeing, productivity and positive sense of their workplace. 


The premise revolves around a series of dance performances that are created and performed in response to your workplace, by professional dancers for your staff team to watch and reflect on. Dance@Work contributes greatly to creating a positive work environment. It encourages reflection on the workplace, and relationships with work, the environment and each other.

It is essential to have fun in the workplace and I wouldn’t hesitate in replicating this initiative with this brilliant team. Michael Ockwell, CEO of the Mayflower Theatre

I started working faster so I could see what they were up to Mayflower staff member

I love the energy you brought to the floor! Mayflower staff member


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