Exploring 2023 with FuzzyClear

Learn what 2023 had in store for FuzzyClear with our Senior Producer, Lizanne.

At ZoieLogic Dance Theatre, we are nationally acclaimed for getting guys dancing. At the core of our work, are our Fuzzy youth companies.

FuzzyClear started in April 2017 after we heard demand for more regular dance activity that created access for young people with autism and other sensory differences. Since then, FuzzyClear has welcomed 16 young people into the group regularly meeting once a week, with a current group of 7 members.

During our dance sessions, we explore ideas, narratives and themes using improvisation, contact work, games, tasks and storytelling to create performances. Through dance, the lads develop their creativity and discover their potential while building physical and performance skills.

Lizanne, our Senior Producer, leads the weekly sessions with the lads. She explained: “FuzzyClear aims to nurture creativity, develop physical and performance skills and enhance life skills all through a combination of games, creative tasks, teamwork and storytelling.”

“FuzzyClear sessions are designed and created in response to the group and therefore evolve and adapt over time and with new members which is what makes it exciting and relevant. 

Dance has a brilliant power to unlock creativity, expand potential and positively impact our wellbeing. Through FuzzyClear, we have seen first-hand how the skills and impact go further than just physical ability, creativity and strength. Members have shared other benefits with us such as spatial awareness, coordination, balance, process of copying movement, confidence, friendships, peer support, self expression, listening, choice, ownership, finding a voice and courage.”

This year, 3 members of FuzzyClear took on the challenge of performing at this year’s Headfunk.

“The group included a long term member of FuzzyClear, an experienced performer outside of ZoieLogic and someone who had never been on stage” Lizanne explains. “Together with dance artists, they created a performance that demonstrated our experiences and responses to noise. Their performance was brilliant and they were proud of what they achieved. The highlight for me was the journey of team work and peer support. The creative process was quick and they all had different experiences of performing, but together they held nerves, fear, excitement and focus.”

We would love to welcome more young people to all of our youth companies. 

If you are looking for a fun, creative, physical, non-competitive outlet that involves games, collaboration and movement then come along for a FREE taster session to meet the team and find out what we are all about. Find out how here.

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