FuzzyLogic’s lockdown dance journey

Since March 2020 FuzzyLogic - youth dance company for guys aged 12-18 - have been doing weekly online dance sessions.

A collage of photographs featuring youth dancers rehearsing online

Nearly a year on, they’re still going strong. We want to acknowledge and celebrate all the Fuzzy lads and our brilliant Youth Companies Coordinator and teacher Alex for their unwavering enthusiasm and commitment to dance and to the Fuzzy family throughout lockdown.

“If it wasn’t for lockdown and Fuzzy Logic going online, I wouldn’t have experienced the digital side of dance and online creation. This has sparked my interest in the dance for film module on my dance and choreography course on my future degree at Falmouth University.”

— Ollie
Watch FuzzyLogic’s Solidarity video from 2020

The attendance level has been amazing and we’d like to say thanks to all of the lads and their families for sticking with it, even though we know they’re desperate to get back in the studio together again!

They’ve continued working on their technique with routines taught by Alex, got creative and made their own dance films, started their own Instagram, voted for company ambassadors, attended ZoieLogic team meetings for their professional development… they’ve developed in so many ways.

“So amazing to have all the Fuzzy lads in our lounge each week, great buzz in the house after each session!”

— Fuzzy parent

FuzzyLogic in lockdown highlights

  • Solidarity films: Back in the first lockdown of 2020, the lads produced their own dance on film project, resulting in a series of short films on the theme of ‘solidarity’ – you can watch them on this page and on our Vimeo channel.
  • Weekly fitness challenge: The lads have been working on their fitness outside of sessions with weekly fitness challenges to prepare themselves for their next project after lockdown! 
  • Fuzzy Family Quiz: Fuzzies and their families have been taking turns to lead quiz sessions – the feedback has been lovely. It’s been great for parents and other siblings to get involved, too.
  • Show Back: The group have been watching dance and theatre performances together online and discussed creative and critical reflections about them afterwards.
  • Skills based creative sessions: Zoie designed creative sessions based on movement and sound which helped the lads to challenge themselves in new ways. As a result, they’ve been able to listen to music in new ways and hear things they wouldn’t normally notice, identify different approaches to making movement, and discover how opposite things can be complimentary.

In February half term 2021 they are having a full day intensive with yoga, ballet, improvisation and two sessions with external practitioners to work on specialist skills – no rest for the wicked, eh?

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