FuzzyLogic: One of the UK's leading youth companies

What happens at FuzzyLogic?

We are proud to be a stepping stone for young males going on to study dance at dance consortiums and universities with many now working professionally in the dance industry.

We aim to push the boundaries of male dance with a unique style by fusing high tempo, energetic contact work and exciting narrative contemporary dance. Innovative works tour the UK regularly, including guest spots at high profile events and projects such as U.dance festival, while working with dance organisations such as Sadler’s Wells, The Place and Laban.

Interested in joining FuzzyLogic? 

Get in touch, come along and meet us for a trial session, and we’ll take it from there! Contact Ollie Webb at ollie@zoielogic.co.uk

FuzzyLogic meet every Wednesday evening during term time at MAST Mayflower Studios in Southampton.

FuzzyLogic shows

Read more about the current and previous shows from FuzzyLogic

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