FuzzyLogic's half term adventure 

Find out what our Fuzzy lads got up to on their half term intensive

A photo of two plates of pancakes on a kitchen sideboard

In February half term, we put our Fuzzy lads through their paces with a full day intensive on Zoom.

When asked how they were feeling about the day, the lads said

  • Excited
  • Energetic
  • Intrigued
  • Engaged
  • Hyped
  • Ready

The day started with a 20 minute morning flow yoga session to get their blood pumping and their minds focused.

Their next session was 90 minutes with Andy Gardiner of Society of Strays all about physicalizing character through dance and sound. The Fuzzies were taught a short routine by professional dancer Andy which they then had to add their own sounds to. Those sounds then formed a word that inspired their next task of creating a short moment of choreography. The lads fully embraced the task and really impressed Andy with their enthusiasm, creativity, and talent. A follow-up session with Andy was highly requested so we’re hoping to be able to welcome him back soon!

Next up, our project co-ordinator Fee led a pancake cook-a-long as it was pancake day! Absolute carnage ensued as the Fuzzy lads took to their kitchens with whisks in hand to whip up pancakes with varying degrees of success…

After lunch, the lads had a chance to sit and let their pancakes go down and enjoy a creative writing session with Matt West. Matt is the poet laureate of Southampton and the man behind The Artful Scribe. He started the session by asking the Fuzzies who liked and who disliked creative writing and 4 of the lads admitted to hating writing for various reasons. By the end of the session, all of the previous creative writing haters were complete converts thanks to Matt’s relaxed and open approach. The session involved freewriting on any subject followed by responding to creative prompts and it challenged the perceptions of what the lads thought creative writing could be.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of a ballet session led by our fabulous youth coordinator Alex which put the lads through their technical paces followed by a guided improvisation session with Zoie which allowed them to let go and be creative with their movements.

The day concluded with a quiz led by Fee which covered music, Pixar film characters, the Olympics and more!

When reflecting on the day, the Fuzzies said that they felt lightened, challenged, and developed. They said the day was exhilarating, enjoyable, and eye-opening and that they are now more excited than ever to get started on their next project after lockdown!

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