Introducing: The Grid Experience

Exploring movement and shared spaces in the Covid-19 world

What is The Grid Experience?

The Grid Experience is an exciting new project exploring movement and shared spaces. We created The Grid Experience in response to people experiencing a physical and social disconnect as a result of the lockdown.

We know this can have a profound effect on mental health and wellbeing. Dance and movement is a great way to combat this, so we have created a unique and safe way to do so.

The space we exist in is now at the forefront of our minds and a new challenge we all face is learning how to share it again. To help us try to manage this challenge we created The Grid Experience to provide an opportunity to come together in a shared movement experience.

Our aims were to: Reconnect us with others and the spaces we inhabit, improve people’s health and wellbeing and build confidence in being able to share our personal space safely without physical boundaries.

The Grid Experience up close...

Galleries and videos from our pilot event

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