Headfunk 2021 Programme: Let's Reconnect

Hello and welcome to Headfunk 2021. We have all been through a long period of disconnect recently, so we thought Headfunk would be a brilliant way to bring people safely back together, to meaningfully reconnect with friends, family and like minded people especially at a time where many people’s mental health has been challenged.

Bringing together different groups of people has made the creation of Headfunk 2021 full of support and inspiration. Headfunk isn’t just about the final performance, it’s really about the journey we go on together, learning, connecting and sharing with each other.

We hope you enjoy Headfunk this evening, and find it as uplifting and thought-provoking as we have!
The ZoieLogic Team

In the mezzanine from 6:45pm

We are Hummingbird
Help us to create a Headfunk ‘Feel good playlist’ and find out more about the mental health training on offer.

Solent Mind
Join peer volunteers to hear more about Solent Mind and their collaboration with ZoieLogic and Regeneration. Also find space to share your stories and experiences.

Come and meet the youth ambassadors from Regeneration to hear and see how arts and creativity has supported their mental health through a range of social prescribing activities.

Headfunk films
Watch the set of behind-the-scenes films we created which explored the creative process during Headfunk 2019, plus Round About Cafe’s Headfunk experiences.

In Studio 2 from 7:30pm

Are You Okay? | Tom Davis Dunn
A simple question can save a life… We fully support Mental Health Foundation’s ‘The Power of OK’ campaign to ask this question more often.

The Breathing Tree | Regeneration
To keep learning is like growing a tree.
Each branch getting stronger.
The changing of the seasons savour the moment.
Be you. Be you.
Created in collaboration with Solent Mind

Disconnection | Round About Café
The state of being isolated or detached. We should never forget the importance of connection and the power of physical touch.

Here I Am! | FuzzyLogic
We can all sometimes mask the reality of who we are but the thing to remember is we are all still humans.

I Struggle With… | We Are Holyrood
An exploration of what struggle and help means to this group of young people from the Holyrood estate.

Heroes | FuzzyVision
Everyone has a hero in them. If you could, what kind of superhero would you choose to be?

Onslaught | Headfunk Collective
Who are we and what does it mean to be a 21st Century Male? We must remember that growing up is not about crushing the child who once was. Created in collaboration with Artful Scribe.

We’d like to thank all the people who contributed to our pay it forward scheme, which has allowed us to lower barriers and support local communities.

Thank you to our incredible partners

Round About Café
In 2013, the Mansbridge community was reeling from the closure of the Ford factory and facing a number of challenges. Radian listened to local residents then worked with them to set up a café where people could volunteer, learn new skills, access employment support, improve health and wellbeing, get online, build social networks and enjoy great quality, homemade food and drink at reasonable prices.

Since then, over 50 volunteers have helped to develop and lead a range of projects to support the local community and meet local needs. They go all out to offer a warm welcome and great food and as a result, we’ve seen lives transformed and friendships blossom. As one resident put it, ‘‘No’ isn’t something we say here!’

Visit Round About Café to find out more

Solent Mind
We’re Solent Mind, Hampshire’s leading mental health charity, providing advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. We campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding. We won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect.

Our peer support programme operates across communities in Hampshire, run by and for people with personal experience of a mental health issue.

Call 023 8202 7810 or visit solentmind.org.uk

Regeneration, a joint initiative between Southampton Children’s Hospital and Theatre for Life will support children and young people to engage with arts, culture, nature, advice and physical activity. Specifically aimed at young people with a long term medical condition, it will help them to recover from COVID-19 through the power of social prescribing.

Regeneration will give these young people the opportunity to not only manage their own health and wellbeing, but also help them become more physically active.

The initiative also looks to reduce isolation and help those with a long term health condition to meet other young people, giving them a sense of belonging and enabling them to have peer support.

We Are Hummingbird
We are Hummingbird is a non-profit Mental Health awareness organisation. We are a community of music lovers who have united to spread awareness of mental health by using music as a platform to encourage people to open up and engage in conversation.

We are Hummingbird Health (WAHBH) has been born out of a desire to help make a difference to people and how they feel about their mental health. Together we can work towards removing the fear of prejudice and stigma.

Visit We Are Hummingbird to find out more

We Are ZoieLogic Dance Theatre

We are ZoieLogic Dance Theatre. We challenge the perceptions of dance, who it’s for, where and how it is shown. We want as many people to experience dance as possible; to see it, be in it and help make it. We make shows and projects for you and create unforgettable experiences with you.

We are supported by Arts Council England, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Company in Residence at MAST. In association with Mayflower Theatre, Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre and Pavilion Dance South West.

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