Behind the scenes on We Are Holyrood

We've been working with residents and young people of the Holyrood estate in Southampton for the last year. During April 2021, we set out to make a dance film with 15 young people from the estate and here's what we got up to... 

Here is Zoie and Amaya playing with light and projection in MAST and learning how to interact with each other as shadows.

Left: Finley’s shadow projected larger than life on the side of a block of flats, Right: One of the main themes of the week was hide and seek and here Libbie peeks round the corner of the wall inquisitively, searching for her shadow.

Clockwise from top left: Marzell takes control of filming some behind the scenes footage with our creative Luke, Amaya perfects her shadow solo with Zoie in front of the green screen, Libbie films her solo in her chosen location on the estate, Marzell and Freddie learn about lights and the impact they can have on filming

Neveah and Zoie work on perfecting Nevaeh’s shadow choreography

Clockwise from top left: Nevaeh poses with her favourite part of the Holyrood playground, the creative team discuss the evening filming schedule, Libbie creates the perfect action shot on her favourite part of the Holyrood playground, Nevaeh is caught candidly in a moment of downtime during filming

Below: Libbie, Evie, Keira and Nevaeh on the estate during filming

What’s next?

If you’re a resident of Holyrood, we will be hosting a set of special outdoor screenings around the estate on Thursday 20th May between 3pm and 8pm.

The We Are Holyrood film will also be premiering on the ZoieLogic Facebook page, Friday 21st May at 7pm.

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