Behind the scenes: Looking back at ECHO

Back in October 2012, Zoie was building up to the premiere of ECHO, our first professional touring show. Here's some of the behind the scenes footage and photographs from that time.

Dancers performing on stage facing a bright light

20 August 2012: During the creation of ECHO, we got to spend some time on stage in what was then, the brand new Berry Theatre. It was great for Zoie as she got to see how the show would look on stage, rather than seeing it in a rehearsal studio. There was a lot a lot a lot of sand…

18 August 2012: We were lucky enough to have Ivan Stott compose the soundtrack for ECHO. It was great to witness him and the dancers working together in the rehearsal room, you could see them feeding off one another.

Dancers standing in a group while light shines behind them

24 October 2012: The guys stand together during one of the tech rehearsals for the show. We had Luke Hornbuckle on lighting duty, who was working at The Point when Zoie first moved in as an Associate Artist. They later collaborated together on SAFE and SLEUTH.

21 September 2011: Rehearsal images from 2011 at The Point in Eastleigh. All the guys here were either current members of alumni of our youth company, FuzzyLogic.

25 July 2012: Here’s another diary entry from The Berry Theatre in 2012, where the guys were developing a pivotal moment in the show.

A dancer walks past another while falling sand drops between them

Zoie and the team developed many striking moments in the show. This one illustrates how we were using the sand to create vivid and dreamlike images.

23 October 2013: Here you can see how much work went into cleaning up after a show. This may be the reason why we haven’t used sand since…

Here’s the final trailer for ECHO, which was made for the re-tour in 2013. All in all, ECHO was performed 20 times across the UK. It was a new and unique experience for most of us involved!

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