Ride car tales: Camping holidays with Lynda

Ahead of the Ride 2022 Southampton tour, we asked TeamLogic members for their nostalgic car journey adventures. For our first instalment, here's Lynda Walton's memories of holidaying in (or on) the family car.

Back in the 60s my parents owned a 1939 Morris Eight 2 door convertible Tourer, and we used to go on camping holidays in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset. It had a running board on the side.

This wouldn’t be allowed today, but my parents packed all the camping gear, blankets, tent & personal clothes & belongings in the back seat with the hood down. Then my brother and I were seated on top (not strapped in) which was usual for that era, and our feet were placed inside the large saucepans to utilise the room. We had glorious views and I well remember the clatter of the equipment when it worked loose.

Near the end of the holiday we would put our extra luggage (purchases) around our legs & the saucepans were tied to the sides, hanging over the edge of the car, clanking like mad at times. When it rained my father covered us all in sheeting – he couldn’t put the hood up as there was too much equipment.

One day the clutch broke & my father had to drive us up Porlock hill, Somerset, in reverse because it was the only way that the car would work. I remember the good natured hooraying & waving from other car owners.

Another time in Devon a policeman jumped on the running board alongside my father & told him to follow the car in front. He did & the policeman jumped off about a mile further & arrested the driver we followed. I can still recall the excitement we felt, and how we relived those moments as a family many times.

That beloved car took our family all over the place for years.

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