Shared movement, shared moment: Our 2021 highlights

The ZoieLogic team look back at their highlights over the past year. It's been a year unlike any other, but the thing that's made it special for us are the people we've shared moments with and shared movement with.

Julia’s Highlight

This was the first time I had seen Headfunk and I was blown away by it all but particularly by the Headfunk Collective. I loved the fact that these were men who could be my husband or my brother or a work colleague, not professional dancers, and how much they were so obviously enjoying themselves. Also in light of COVID it felt so great to be back in a theatre watching something live and enjoying the reactions of people all around me.

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Fee’s Highlight

This moment is the highlight of my year because it really sums up how fun it is working for ZoieLogic and how amazing the team are! This was at Grid Poole with PDSW which was the 4th Grid Experience so I remember feeling like I really knew what I was doing on the day, I felt more confident within my job role and I even felt empowered to jump into an empty Grid space to fill in for a last minute drop out!

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Zoie’s Highlight

This was such a heart warming moment when a community comes out to support their young people and what they have done. I loved the sounds of excitement and hearing the stories of pride.

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Vicky’s Highlight
A theatre stage is filled with people in rows of eight. They have their hands raised up in the air while following Zoie Golding's instructions at the front

The Grid Experience at Mayflower Theatre was a highlight for me as it represented a return to being in a theatre with all the magic, emotion and memories of what that used to be like, but with the twist of using the space for our The Grid Experience. The scale of 48 people dancing on the impressive Mayflower Theatre stage, packed a mighty emotional punch and the energy coming from the participants was electric. Many of my fellow audience felt that with me, and we shared a few tears.

Rowena’s Highlight

Mine is interviewing the performers in Headfunk before the show and soaking up the atmosphere backstage – it was such a brilliant evening of dance and was wonderful to see what a positive experience such a diverse range of pro and non pro performers had!

Lizanne’s Highlight
A dance facilitator and child work together with their shadows in against a wall

Mine would be this pic from The Holyrood Film, as a representation of the project as a whole. The filming week and the screening experience felt a real triumph! Not only did we achieve this during the pandemic but this project was conceived and developed by the Holyrood community while we delved even further into co-creation. The young people turned their hand to and indulged in a variety of skills including dance, photography, green screens, shadow work and filming – an experience that was a pleasure to be a part of.

Matt’s Highlight
A dancer reaches for the sky as other dancers around her prepare to jump into the air

At the centre of this picture is Jane, who took part in all four of The Grid Experience’s. The joy that this specific event brought to the participants was enough to make this my highlight, but the thing about The Grid Experience was that I thought it brought the best out of the ZoieLogic team. A lot of the time we’re in different places, but for these events we all got to come together – and what they say is true, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


Have you read this and thought, “Oh! I remember when that happened”? Why not tell us about your favourite moment from our shared experiences in 2021? Send us a memory on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

We hope you have a Merry Christmas and we’ll see you in 2022…
The ZoieLogic team x

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