Our Inclusion Pledge and Representation Data

Our inclusion pledge goals for 2023 and 2025, along with our EDIB Plan, are informed by yearly monitoring and target setting to improve the representation of people of marginalised and protected characteristics in our workforce, Board and audiences.

We want to be transparent and open about our EDIB activities and progress, and for that reason are sharing our latest data here. However, we do so with a caveat – we reject tokenism and do not wish to reduce people to tick boxes, but recognise that, at present, this still serves a purpose.

View our EDIB Policy and Action Plan

This table shows how the available data has evolved most recently, and will be updated with new data for the upcoming year. Notably, the data available is based only on what we have been able to gather, and who is willing to fill in our monitoring forms, and therefore the audience data specifically is only a sample and not fully representative of our audiences. We recognise that there are gaps in robustness of the data and continue to endeavour to improve this over time.

View our Representation Data 2020-2022

We are committed to keeping this data openly available as a matter of transparency and accountability. If you have any questions about this data or representation at ZoieLogic Dance Theatre, we welcome the conversation and encourage you to get in touch. Please contact Martina Bussi at martina@zoielogic.co.uk

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