ManMade 2024 Programme

ManMade is presented by ZoieLogic Dance Theatre, in partnership with Forest Forge Theatre Company. Across all of ZoieLogic’s work they challenge norms and defy expectations of who dance is for, where and how you experience it.

Empowering individuals, igniting purpose and pride to show that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.

Tonight is a glimpse of current and future stars of male dance, each piece of dance has been made especially for this evening. During the show we will hear from some of the students themselves to find out more about their experience. 

Tonight’s event is part of MAST Mayflower Studios’ Shout Season: amplifying stories, introducing new theatre, exploring the unknown. Supported by Arts Council England.

Thank you all for coming this evening and we hope you enjoy the show.

In order of appearance

Who am I? by FuzzyClear Youth Dance Company
A journey of learning about ourselves, navigating the high and lows of identity exploration to seek comfort in who we are and push back against labels, assumptions and judgment.

WAKE UP! by PULSE at Thornden School
When you’re in a deep dream, where does your mind go?

Motion by Wildern School
This piece explores the various ways we can use our bodies to replicate the dynamic qualities of music. Expressing our natural relationship between music and physicality, by creating an engaging and impactful performance combined with a dramatic musical accompaniment.

Kodama’s Song by Toby Newell
Kodama’s Song tells the story of a young tree spirit called a Kodama who plays around its former forest as the spirit slowly loses its spirit and fades back into the tree of life

The Race by FuzzyLogic Youth Dance Company
The Race is a lively dance performance exploring how strong our desire can be to become number 1?
In order to truly succeed in the race, sometimes it has to end how you least expect it to…

Jenga!! by Yateley School
Team work makes the dream work…

Attention! by FuzzyLogic Youth Dance Company
Are we aware of what grabs our attention? Technology. It’s neither good nor bad, or is it? How we us it makes all the difference… In this piece you will witness the journey from intrigue to consumption, and you must decide for yourself – am I aware?

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