On the road: Ride on tour in Southampton 2022

In April 2022 we took Stanley the Ford Orion back on tour around Southampton, for more high jinx adventures with Clive, Hank and Steve. Here are a few of the pictures of our time on the road

Three dancers perform on an old red Ford Orion car surrounded by an audience. They are leaning out the driver side window and door and are looking cool with some shades on

Above: The guys looking cool during the Knight Rider bit in Weston. We drew an unexpectedly large crowd for the show on Weston Promenade as people stopped to watch as they walked along the beach.

Below: A selection of images from the performances in Holyrood Estate in the centre of the city.

Below: Wooaaaaah! Alex and Cameron on top of the car!

Two dancers are performing in the middle of a park. They are performing as two distinct characters, one is dressed as a wrestler and the other as a business man. They are both leaning back from one another and are linked by their hands in the middle
This is an action packed image of a dance performance. The performance involves a car which is turned up on to its side, and a performer is jumping out of the door at the top while another runs on the ground towards him

Above: Drama as the car is up on its side!

Below: Ride in front of one of Southampton’s landmarks – The Bargate. Once again, a large crowd appeared out of nowhere and enjoyed the antics of Clive, Cameron, Dan and Alex.

A large crowd of people stand around a dance performance in the city centre of Southampton. It's an urban environment, with mix of the old and new. The dance performance includes a large black floor and a spinning tipping car, three dancers are standing on top of the car. One of the dancers is cheering with the detached steering wheel in his hand

Above (left to right): The crowd watching the show on Weston Promenade; The guys performing at Mansel Park on the opening day of the tour and the final performance on Holyrood estate (featuring Alex’s legs); Kids watching the show often wanted to explore the car after the performance, so we let them pile in!

Below: Cameron holds the steering wheel victorious during the action-packed climax to the show

Three dancers perform on top of a car which is tipped up on its side. They are in the middle of an urban environment. The two dancers on the left look in disbelief at the dancer on the right, who is cheering with a steering wheel in his hand as if he has just won something
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