Could you be a detective?

Immerse yourself in a world of intrigue and mystery, where you are in control.

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Detective Miller needs your help! 1950’s Britain, a world of shifting shadows and rising crime, where good and bad men can be found on both sides of the law. Step into a world of intrigue and adventure, where you the audience must question everything, and decide which clues are followed to unravel the truth behind the crime.


SLEUTH is an up-close dance theatre mystery show unlike any other. You must guide a tough, hard-boiled detective through the shady streets, seeking out answers. Every choice he faces is yours to make, and whatever you decide will change the way the story is told.


It’s a show packed with dynamic movement and storytelling, high stakes and tricky characters, where you, the audience, are truly in control.

It really was thrilling to be that close to the action, to choose which way the plot would turn. Daily Echo


SLEUTH was directed and choreographed by Zoie Golding. Music by Duncan Grimley.


SLEUTH was written by Matt Beames