The Big Movement: a monumental mass movement event

The Big Movement is a monumental mass movement event that reminds men* they are not on their own. Through this powerful collective force, we aim to raise awareness about men's mental health.

Why The Big Movement?

Men’s mental health is a big deal. We believe it deserves a big moment. A big expression of solidarity, of community spirit, of togetherness… All through the transformative power of movement.

Our mission is clear: We want to reduce loneliness: 1 in 3 men in the UK will face isolation and loneliness in their life. Suffering silently due to societal norms discouraging open conversations. Loneliness isn’t just a mental health issue; it doubles depression risk, posing a significant public health concern for men.

Why Dance?

Movement drives positive change. Movement is more than dance; it’s a catalyst for connection, a lifter of spirits, and a source of healing.

We know because it’s what we do here at ZoieLogic. We’ve seen every step release stress and build self-esteem. We’ve heard each beat boost confidence. We’ve felt the impact of every new friendship forged.

In Spring 2026, we will be interrupting the city of Southampton with 100’s of men dancing in solidarity and we want the world to know about it!

*When we refer to men, we embrace all individuals who identify as a man and are inclusive of non-binary people who identify with expressions and experiences of being male.

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