Behind the scenes of The Doorman 2021

The FuzzyLogic lads have been creating and building The Doorman - here's a little look at them behind the scenes

A group of young men dance in a rehearsal studio. The figure at the front throws himself forward with his arms raised

Above: Jacob leads the guys from the front during a wild improvisation task. The FuzzyLogic group spent their entire spring half term working on the show in Southampton – the first time they were ever given this sort of opportunity!

Above: Kai in full motion as he works on a task to create solo content for himself and his character in The Doorman

The guys haven’t been able to develop much contact work over the spring (due to COVID), but that hasn’t stopped them from creating some amazing movement together.

Below: Through the development of The Doorman, Zoie has been keen for the boys to work with their voice as much as their bodies. Here’s Kai, Tom and Wes creating some noise as they move across the studio floor.

The Doorman will be going into two full weeks of creation in August, so keep your eyes peeled for more!

And then on Saturday 20th August at 7:30pm, our brilliant FuzzyLogic lads will be taking to the main stage at Theatre Royal Winchester.

👉 🎟 Book your tickets here or find out more about The Doorman here.

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