The Making of... FuzzySenses

In April 2023, in partnership with Dorchester Arts, we started working with a group of students from Thomas Hardye School. Since then, this group of boys have been forging a new space for themselves to dance and be creative in.

They called it... FuzzySenses

Together, and with the help of Alex, Ollie and Lizanne, they worked on choreography and developed their coordination, balance and movement skills. It began with a taster session in April 2023, and the boys fed back that they enjoyed it because small achievements were celebrated, it was a different style than they were used to and that they felt confident to give things a go. This set the environment for future sessions to come.

Above: Alex leads during a warm up for one of the after-school sessions.

The workshop sessions were all heading towards FuzzySenses debut performance, taking place at Dorchester Corn Exchange on Wednesday 5 July 2023. They decided to explore three themes for the piece: Firstly around the consequences of our actions and who is effected by them, whether that’s our peers, our community or environment; secondly what it means to support one another; and thirdly what it feels like to be misjudged.

Above and below: Images from the creative sessions where the piece was brought together. Although the themes they were exploring might have seemed quite serious, there was always time for a bit of fun and a mess around.

Below: Watch the behind the scenes film we made exploring the making of FuzzySenses

Performance day came on Wednesday 5 July at Dorchester Corn Exchange. This was the first time many of them would dance on stage in front of an audience – and they smashed it!

Above and below: Images from the group’s final tech rehearsal at Dorchester Corn Exchange, dressed in their brand new FuzzySenses t-shirts!

After their first performance, they were asked what the experience of the whole process was like, and we think this sums it up…

“If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish pretty much anything!”

Rufus, FuzzySenses member

Thank you to Dorchester Arts and Thomas Hardye School for making FuzzySenses possible! This project was funded by The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC).

If this story has got you interested in dancing with us, we run regular Wednesday evening youth companies in Southampton. Check out the world of Fuzzy here

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