THE SAFE SPACE PROJECT: Reconnecting people and shared spaces

Coming Autumn 2020

The space we exist in is now at the forefront of our minds and a new challenge we all face is learning how to share it again. To help us try to manage this challenge ZoieLogic Dance Theatre is introducing The Safe Space Project.

The Safe Space Project will be a collection of events and workshops that get people exploring what we currently know as a ‘Safe Space’ and providing an opportunity to come together in a shared movement experience.

Our aim for The Safe Space Project is to:
– Increase understanding about our personal space and awareness of others
– Reconnect us with others and the spaces we inhabit
– Build confidence in being able to share our personal space safely without physical boundaries

We hope The Safe Space project offers people a way to build confidence in themselves and others and provide comfort in knowing they are not alone in their feeling of physical isolation and apprehension.

To find out more, or to kickstart a ‘Go ahead’ chat, please contact Zoie Golding.