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The Grid Experience is coming to Weston Shore

Do you want to feel uninhibited joy and community connection? Then join us for a unique, socially distanced dance experience in Spring 2021

What is it?

The Grid Experience is an exciting new project exploring movement and shared spaces in response to people experiencing a physical and social disconnect because of Covid-19. Dance and movement is a great way to combat this, and The Grid is a unique way to do so within physical distancing guidelines, right on your doorstep!

Who is it for?

This Grid is coming right to your doorstep for the Weston Shore Community only. We welcome all ages and you don’t need to have any dance experience, you just need to be free on the day (date TBC!) and willing to have a bit of a dance in your living room beforehand – easy as that!

Who are we?

As a local organisation ZoieLogic Dance Theatre challenges the perceptions of dance, who it’s for, where and how it is shown. We want as many people to experience dance as possible; to see it, be in it and help make it. We make shows and projects for you and create unforgettable experiences with you.

Interested in taking part?

Get in touch – we’d love to hear from you! or 07771 897 448

Find out more about The Grid Experience at