A chat with Fuzzy alumni: Will Hodson

My journey started with FuzzyLogic getting me into dance, I then naturally progressed from GCSE dance, to training at dance schools in Leeds and Dundee and I have just finished my masters in dance. Throughout my training I have been involved with helping ZoieLogic with various projects. Then in my final year in Dundee I started to work on the reset for Ride as well as this year too. I am starting to give back to the community and offer what I have learnt to primary and secondary schools around the south for ManMade.  

I was a member of FuzzyLogic from 2008 so I have seen the company grow from Zoie doing everything to now Zoie having a team behind her.

“From working with ZoieLogic it has boosted my confidence in my ability in teaching from working directly with Zoie”

Will Hodson

What do you like about working with Zoie?

When working with Zoie she allows you to have enough space to work and develop yourself as an artist and person. However, Zoie is not too far away and is always there to offer new ways of thinking together with guidance in movement, teaching as well as life as a dance artist. In addition to this, the work that she creates is relatable due to the story telling and humanistic feelings the works bring to the audience as well as the performer.

What skills and knowledge have you developed?

From working with ZoieLogic it has boosted my confidence in my ability in teaching from working directly with Zoie. From working with Zoie’s experienced performers, it has also enhanced my performance skills and understanding of what is needed to be a successful artist.

Tell us about a ZoieLogic success you have had?

When working with a group at risk children and seeing the progress from their thoughts of dance and of themselves at the start of the project and then at the end to seen me giving it there all when performing and be confident in who they are.

What has your proudest moment been?

When creating a work that is going to be performed by a group of 16 young males from year 7 to sixth form college. For this I only had 5 hours to create the work, at the start I had a little wobble and freaked out but was able to pull it back and create a work that the boys enjoyed.

What life skills do you think ZLDT offers boys?

There are many skills that ZoieLogic offers boys, but I feel that these two have the biggest impact to young males; It helps to boost their self-esteem once all the boys in the room understand that dancing isn’t just for girls, but it is as physically demanding as football, athletics and other sports. It also helps their communication skills between one another as well as problem solving, whether this is a problem within the group or with understanding of a task.

Would you recommend ZLDT? Who for and why?

I would recommend ZoieLogic to anyone, young girls and boys, dancers in training, people who know nothing about dance. All the skills learnt when working with as well as for ZoieLogic are transferable in every sense of life.

If you’re between 11 and 18 and interested in dancing. Get in touch with lizanne@zoielogic.co.uk to get involved with FuzzyLogic.

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