A large crowd of people stand around a dance performance in the city centre of Southampton. It's an urban environment, with mix of the old and new. The dance performance includes a large black floor and a spinning tipping car, three dancers are standing on top of the car. One of the dancers is cheering with the detached steering wheel in his hand

Celebrating our 2022 Ride tour of Southampton

In April 2022 we took Stanley the Ford Orion back on tour around Southampton, for more high jinx adventures with Clive, Hank and Steve. Here are a few of the highlights from Ride on tour and the creative process surrounding it…

“My boys love the show so much that we are here to watch Ride again for the 3rd time this week!”

Audience member

Getting back on the road

RIDE was last performed in the city during the RIDE: Covid Response Tour, which included nine shows at five care homes and two retirement communities to almost 300 people between 28 July and 5 August 2020.

This time round, we cast three new fantastic dancers – Cameron, Dan and Clive – to join existing cast member Alex. And former cast member Nathan took on the role of rehearsal director for the first time. In March, we dusted off Stanley and set up camp at 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space to rework the show for the new tour.

If you love a behind the scenes sneak peek, take a look here!

This image depicts a map of Southampton and the route that ZoieLogic Dance Theatre's outdoor show, Ride went on during its 2022 tour

Connecting communities

As we continue to reconnect with folk in the wake of the pandemic, it was important for us to work with local community groups and make sure as many people had the chance to see RIDE as possible.

Big thank you’s to Sam Connis, Ping Harvey, Julia Jaggard, Siân Tattersall, Ollie Webb, Kai and Rudi for making the tour happen, and Youth Options, The Venny, Abri, Junior Neighbourhood Wardens, Saints Foundation and Friends of St James’ Park for supporting the events and to everyone else who helped spread the word.

With free performances in Redbridge, Weston Shore, the City Centre, Holyrood, Mansbridge and Shirley, the show attracted audiences of over 2,600 local people from across the city.

30% of our audiences told us they’d never seen a live performance before and 73% of the audience were new to ZoieLogic.

“Southampton is our hometown and for the past 22 years we’ve worked with local communities to bring dance into peoples lives in a wide range of settings. Our ethos has always been about creating access to dance for those who may not have had the chance before.”

Zoie Golding, Artistic Director of ZoieLogic Dance Theatre

We were also grateful to our friends in the media, including BBC Radio Solent and The Daily Echo, who helped us reach thousands more people with news of RIDE, both before and after the tour!

“I can’t get over it – having something so amazing right here in Mansbridge for us!”

Audience Member, Mansbridge

Show time

Beep beep! What a RIDE! Strap yourselves in for a rollercoaster highlights reel from the tour…

With Southampton shortlisted to be the 2025 City of Culture, we’re proud to have got this special show on the road again and share some dance theatre magic with our fantastic city.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to see us take Stanley on tour again – we had a blast!
Stanley is back in his garage for now, having a rest before his next outing. Join our team if you want to be the first to know when RIDE is next on tour…

Cast for this tour: Alex Evens, Cameron Woolnough, Clive Rudd and Dan Radulescu.RIDE was originally directed and choreographed by Zoie Golding. 2022 Rehearsal Direction by Nathan Johnston. Music by Duncan Grimley. Written by Matt Beames. Supported by Arts Council England. RIDE was originally commissioned and co-produced by DanceXchange for International Dance Festival Birmingham 2016. It was co-commissioned by Gulbenkian (University of Kent) and Dance Village (Bristol Harbour Festival). Image, video and graphics credits: Cave & Sky, Fee Francis, Clive Rudd

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