In the works — Exploring themes and ideas for our new show, Heist

During the first two weeks of September 2019, we were in the studio with five brilliant dancers and a host of creative geniuses, all researching and exploring the possibilities that our new show, HEIST could offer. Take a look at some of the results below.

Zoie takes the group through Heist’s narrative plot points, of which there were many!

For the first week of this creative period, we had the incredibly talented Mathieu Geffré and Andrew Gardiner with us. They spent much of the week with Zoie and the dancers, exploring how the characters in the story move.

Alex Evens in motion.

Josh Gill on the NST Campus stage.

This is Jim Whitcher, he spent his time creating a selection of insanely good tracks for Zoie and the dancers to work with. Behind him is Cindy Lin, set designer extraordinaire.

It was great to be working on a stage, where we got to play with lighting and shadows.

Look out for more Heist updates soon! We’ll be back in the studio in November all the way through to the end of January which is when we’ll have our first previews at Nuffield Southampton Theatres, Pavilion Dance South West and The Gulbenkian!

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